As Ellen Scripps said,

"La Jolla is a place were artists can find inspiration, writers can find refreshed ideas, and teachers can find rest. Whether they live in stately mansions or humble cottages, La Jolla will be preserved for all to find inspiration."

That still holds true for those who come to vacation, work or even get married. One can find great restaurants, museums, art galleries, boutiques, and book stores. La Jolla is a great place to stay and just do nothing but stare at the ocean, or visit many of the San Diego attractions.
Athomeawayfromhome aims to make your stay as restful or as busy as you want in several unique rentals. Please come and be our guests.

Dear Friends,

About fifteen years ago I started renting my family home, Historic La Jolla Cove Cottage, to vacationers in order to help in preserving and maintaining this cottage for generations to come. We have hosted many intriguing and lovely guests since then, getting to know these interesting people not only as happy vacationers, but also as friends sharing in the love of our family home and the La Jolla area. My family, the Odell-Bartons, is well-known throughout the La Jolla community and has been established here since 1956.

We offer our Historic La Jolla Cove Cottage as well as other La Jolla properties for Vacation Rentals and or wedding and corporation events, long and short term.

Gabby manages the contracts, payments and phone when I am not available. Together we are proud to offer these homes to you, and want both owners and renters of our vacation properties to know we are always available to assist with your needs with our customized personalized service.

Laura Barton Williams & Gabriela Pedroza-Auser
858-952-2228 / 858-952-2059